Open House: Marina Del Rey - Saturday and Sunday 2-5 PM - Modern, EcoDesign, New Build

Saturday, 4/21. 2-5 PM
Sunday, 4/22, 2-5 PM

12860 Admiral Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Del Rey, Marina Del Rey area

L.A. Green Designs presents a unique and beautifully designed home that exemplifies contemporary design principles and aesthetics. The building frame veers from the symmetrical typical shape, merging angles and clean lines that make the design unique and innovative. The home makes use of oversize windows and multiple atriums to invite the natural light into the common spaces and create a sense of openness and connection with the exterior landscape. This is further emphasized by the incorporation of the bamboo garden in one of the atriums adding to the house a Zen like aesthetic. This home combines sustainable and eco-friendly building practices such as cross ventilation, gray water collection planters, and passive solar building design that takes into account site location and solar orientation to maximize natural light in the house while also maintaining a low house temperature. All home areas have been thoroughly designed bringing vibrancy to contrast the clean modern living spaces.