Ok so 5 stars for everything? I must be a friend or family member right? NOPE. While I do consider Darren to be a good friend now, he was a stranger to me and my husband when we went to buy our first home. We met him on a recommendation from a friend, and thus began a 7 year working relationship AND friendship that we hope will continue far into the future. First, the nuts and bolts. Darren helped us find and purchase our first home, then helped us sell it, and then helped us find and purchase our current home.

Obviously we would not have stayed with him for so long if he wasn't excellent. But what many don't know is that Darren is THE BEST.

So I'll try to wrap it all up with this one anecdote. When we went to purchase our current home, it was out of the area. We wanted to work with Darren, but understood the need to partner up with a realtor local to the area in which we were searching. Darren stayed in touch with us the entire time, checking in, making sure everything was OK. We worked with two other local realtors- both of whom could not hold a candle to Darren. One was a flake, and one blew a deal for us due to subpar negotiating skills. We turned to Darren for help. He and part of his team – Henry - got right on things. Within a few weeks we had found a home that needed very skillful negotiating- the seller was demanding and inflexible. Darren and the listing agent worked together to make sure the deal happened.

I could go into details, but it would take pages and pages and I would just be gushing.

Please do yourself a favor and use the best- Darren will not disappoint!

- Kirsten P.

Darren was great from the beginning to end of this process with an excellent referrals for a lender and then a contractor. He was very knowledgeable and thorough during negotiations. He had a great understanding of what I was looking for and helped me develop my sense of this as our process progressed. Darren was very patient and I never felt even a hint of pressure. He also has great taste! I highly recommend him!

- Monica K.

Darren Hubert helped us buy our first multi-unit property. His knowledge, attention to detail, and his sincere concern for his clients made the whole process a wonderful one. Darren helped us find outstanding tenants for our units and gave us excellent advice regarding upgrade do/dont's, regulations, 'nuts & bolts' stuff.

If you wish to work with a professional, lovely, and just plain good guy, then call Mr. Darren Hubert.

-  Sandy J.

Darren has helped me both buy and sell a home and has shown great support and patience throughout a long, drawn out and complicated process.... He was great throughout the whole process; knowledgeable, helpful with referrals to workers for fixing the place up; good with suggestions about where to buy fix-up materials like windows and fixtures, and a great source of ideas and suggestions. I very highly recommend him.

- Rich P.

I highly recommend Darren. We were able to buy the house we were renting in large part because of Darren's expertise in negotiating quirky hillside short sales. Most people we dealt with during the process liked to point out how strange our property is and how complicated the sale might be, but Darren took the challenge and got the job done quickly, professionally and even made the whole thing seem easy.

-  Aliza M.


Darren is a wonderful agent with an expertise in the booming Eastside market and a deep knowledge of Southern California real estate. He helped my husband and I buy our first place, a very unique commercial/residential property in Silverlake, and was there for us every step of the way through the process.

As first-time buyers, we needed a lot of help, encouragement and some hand-holding and Darren did it all and continues to be a fantastic sounding board and resource for us, offering advice and support four years later.

With an easy-going professionalism and a creative approach to business, Darren makes a daunting process seem easy. You can tell that he really loves his work and really loves his clients. So, if you want a dedicated agent who will not only get you into or out of a house, but be there for you long after the deal is done, Darren is the one!

-  Erica F.

Darren helped me to achieve my goal of owning income properties. I was very anxious and afraid to take the first step, but Darren made my first purchase so easy, that I went ahead and purchased two more properties from him.

Darren helped me each step of the way from finding the right place, getting the right loan, fixing ideas, to finding and keeping tenants happy.

I often consult with Darren when I have an issue with my properties and Darren, with his vast amount of knowledge, insight and down to earth approach, helps me resolve it.

My daughter who owns few income properties that Darren helped her with, recommended him to me, and now I am recommending him to you, you will be happy with that choice.

- Ruth M.


Darren is friendly, sharp, very knowledgeable, and helping people find a home is truly what he loves to do. He went that extra mile to help my wife and I find our perfect home, and he continues to support us nine years later.

- Bob O.

I've found Darren to be incredibly helpful, and pro-active in all our dealings. I have recommended him, to others, who have also had very positive experiences.

- Noel R.


Darren's local knowledge and taste was invaluable. He helped me get into my first home nearly two years ago. Darren was quickly in tune with what I was looking for and showed me areas in town I was wholly unaware of. Matter of fact, I now live on a hilltop in one of those areas.

I should stress my budget was low. So not only did Darren find me a charming place, he did so in a very competitive market.

- Nate M.


Darren is the only agent I would call. He sold my house in the worst market ever, only because of his 'whatever it takes' attitude. And, he is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

- Erica S.


Darren was fantastic. I was a first time buyer and his expertise made my short-sale purchase so easy and smooth. He understood the process and the demands of purchasing a short-sale. He was patient with all my questions and diligent in keeping me informed. I highly recommend Darren!!

- Shanta T.


With Darren's help I was able to purchase my first home three years ago. Words cannot express how much I appreciated all his assistance to find just the right property for me. His experience and expertise made the whole process extremely easy and painless from the first step of looking at listings to finalizing the escrow.

Thank you Darren, you are the BEST!

- Flavio F.


We had tried four other buyers' agents before we found Darren (and our home). He's exceedingly hardworking and knowledgeable and he was clearly able to walk first time buyers like us through the process. Highly recommended.

- Peter S.


Darren is focused on helping his clients find the absolute best house that is right for them. With Darren it is never about the money, it is about the client. I have, and will continue to recommend Darren to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a residence.

- Kerry F.


Darren was great to work with. He walked us through the process and answered all of our questions and concerns. He made himself available at all times. It was a pleasure to work with him!

- Wanda U.


Darren went 9 rounds with us to help purchase our first multi-unit property. After a seemingly normal offer, the seller and his agent went off the rails resulting in what Darren's former broker referred to as "the worst escrow process she had seen in her career." Darren's commitment and patience never flagged through failed deadlines, emergence bankruptcy filings, and the seller squatting in his own building after the purchase. His tenacity got the job done and his procedural detail is impeccable.

- Gregory L.


I've been working with Darren since 2009. He's helped me through several transactions. Darren always goes above and beyond the typical services you'd expect from a Realtor. He's saved the day for me so many times. One time someone stole (can you believe it?) a sink out of a place I was buying one day before the inspection. I wasn't going to qualify for my loan without it. He picked up a sink and had it installed for me that same day. Another time I was staging a house and I didn't like some of the furniture that showed up. He brought furniture from his own home and let me borrow it for two months. These are just a couple of ways he's extended himself to make things easier for me. He has a good design sense if you need advice, and know a lot of handy men, landscapers, contractors, etc if you need help finding a service. He never tries to talk you into something you don't like or want, and is very patient. In addition, his team does a really good job with photography and marketing materials.

- Natalie M.


Darren is a top-notch agent who has stayed ahead of what is happening in the real estate market by studying trends and statistics and making cogent analyses of all of the changes in the market over the past several years. He handled a short sale for me with ease and professionalism and has helped us in our search for our new home. Darren is honest, straightforward and committed to his work. Anyone who goes with Darren as their agent will be in great hands.

- Genevieve A.


Darren very smoothly took me through the process of buying my home in Highland Park. He got us access to the listing early, before it hit the MLS, and this paid off as the market was quite hot at the time. he also has experience doing renovation, so he was able to advise me on my game plan, as the place needed work. His thorough knowledge of the area was also very helpful. I highly recommend him as an agent!

- Michael B.


When we decided to sell, we had a short list of agents recommended to us. After interviewing, we selected Darren based on his knowledge of the area and the fact that he never made us feel like we were just another sale to add to a list. Darren and his team were top-notch every step of the way and were always accessible. We have no doubt that the professional level of landscaping and staging they did resulted in a quick sale. Would definitely work with Darren and his team again.

- Mary Ann and Allan

Darren is a stellar real estate professional! He is at the top of his game and miles ahead of any competition! Darren and his team provided us with key information on making minimal improvements to help sell our home. With their keen eye on interior design by way of staging the home, and knowledge of the real estate market in our area, we received over 30 offers from prospective buyers in only few days!! It seems surreal but it actually happened! We were able to sell our home not only in record time - a 10-day escrow - but received much more above our asking price! Darren is honest, trustworthy and exceeded our expectations! We highly recommend Darren and his team of professionals!!

- Kevin H.

Darren is a terrific real estate agent. He has integrity, persistence and great people skills. Darren worked with us on two very long processes that were quite challenging-- from looking at properties to making offers to negotiating some tough deals. At every turn he was remarkable. I highly recommend him!

- Gregory L.


When my wife became pregnant it was clear that our portion of the triplex we were sequestered within in Silver Lake was going to quickly become overcrowded. When we met Darren at an open house in Echo Park he immediately took the time to sit down with us and discuss where we were at in the process and what we were hoping to find. We are (relatively) young and not terribly successful professionals. Needless to say we are not a realtors dream client. Darren nonetheless was patient, diligent, insightful, and responsive during the time that we worked with him and in the end found us a home that is honestly beyond all our expectations. His years of experience are an asset to this process, but his very real participation in the dialogue of his clients needs and desires are what set him apart. I would highly recommend Darren to anyone looking to buy or sell property. He is a pleasant person to work with and a true professional in the field.

- Josh & Donna