Tips for your open house in a down market

If you've listed your home in today's real estate market, you probably know by now how hard it is to compete with a depressed market. But there are a few things you can do to spruce up your home and prep it for an open house:

  1. Clean up and de-clutter: Buyers won't overlook your clutter. Empty your closets, make your beds, and give potential buyers the opportunity to see your house's potential.
  2. Curb appeal: Attracting buyers doesn't have to cost a lot of money - plant some flowers outside, sweep the driveway, and make sure the roof is clean. Make sure it says, "come look at this house!"
  3. Take a hike: Buyers can feel uncomfortable and won't ask the right questions if the owner is there at their own open house. Since you've hired an agent, let them handle the open house while you get some fresh air.
  4. Remove distractions: That includes dogs and children! Distractions can keep a potential buyer from focusing on the house, that includes your pets and kids, no matter how well behaved.
  5. Create a "neutral" feel by removing personal items: Putting away the family photos and religious items can give potential buyers the opportunity to envision themselves in your house. That includes the Budweiser girls poster in the garage!
  6. Keep every room open for viewing: It's off-putting for potential buyers if you keep them out of a room or even a closet, no matter how messy. If you've followed step one and de-cluttered the house, you shouldn't have a problem with this item!

Make sure to follow these simple rules when selling your home in this market.

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