The hot neighborhoods of Northeast Los Angeles



Northeast Los Angeles real estate is buzzing. Most recently, Eagle Rock was named one of the “Hottest Neighborhoods of 2014” - its median home price of $539,000 making it very desirable. Last year, Both Highland Park and Glassell Park joined Eagle Rock as one of ten Huffington Post's Top Hottest Neighborhoods for 2013, with home sales going up year-over-year 31% and 17% respectively.

In Glassell Park, the median sold price for the neighborhood at the end of 2013 was $475,000. This makes it really attractive for regular buyers, including first time home buyers and families looking for a good community. However, while those numbers look great it'll be tough trying to find a home on the market (that you want) at these median home prices. With all the buzz focusing the real estate spotlight on these Northeast Los Angeles communities, home prices go up and so does competition.

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