1% makes this the steepest street in Los Angeles

Thought San Francisco had the steepest streets in California? Think again! Los Angeles has not only the steepest streets in California, it also touts the largest number of steep streets in the U.S. Today we huffed and puffed up one of the steepest in California, and it’s in Northeast Los Angeles. Located on the border of Mount Washington and Highland Park, the 100+ year old Eldred Street has a 33% grade and an elevation gain of 219 feet. While it is 0.3% less than a street in San Pedro, it’s much, much longer.

It’s so steep that the street has a special garbage truck that backs up the hill before slowly making its way town to pick up trash. Residents have to pick up mail at a group of mailboxes at the bottom since the Postal Service won’t risk going up.

Fargo and Baxter in nearby Echo Park are often considered to be the steepest, but the city only lists those as having a 32% grade.

At the top of the dead-end street is a 196 step wooden stairway that takes you to Cross Avenue. If you can make it to the top, there are incredible views!



Check out a video from our favorite Los Angeles tourguide, Tom: