Ask a Realtor: How much work should I do on my home?


Q: How much cleaning and/or construction should I do before I put my home up for sale?

ask-darren-home-constructionA: You should do what is needed to get the best return possible for your time and financial investment.

Sometimes it is best to do nothing and just let a buyer remodel a house to their liking, but keep in mind they will want a discounted price to do this. I've had situations where a $1,000 investment makes a huge difference, and others where $10-15,000 of remodeling achieved $50,000 in return.

When I evaluate a home for sale I have a detailed conversation with the seller to determine what they want to do: if they want to be involved or let me and my team do the work; if they just want to go to market as-is. I provide an analysis based on my experience of what will sell a home as fast for the highest price.

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