Capture free water with rain barrels


You may have heard already - California is (still) experiencing a drought. Despite the recent rain, the state is still lacking the water resources for our needs. Which is why the rainy season is the perfect time to look into water conservation by using rainwater for your garden needs. The City have already been capturing this last storm's water - a Tree People cistern in Coldwater Canyon Park collected 40,000 gallons of water just during one storm.

Residents are taking advantage - the City of Los Angeles gave out free rain barrels in November, but the giveaway was so popular that all the barrels were claimed for in less than a week. However, if you'd like to purchase your own, the City is providing a $100 rebate for at least a 50 gallon barrel. There are easy instructions for how to attach the rain barrel to your gutters here.

Click here for information on applying for the rebate. There are other great (and free) rebates available from showerheads, aerators and other water conservation devices - click here.