Musician-turned-baker to open a bakery in Echo Park

A few weeks back we reported about Echo Park Village, the new name for a row of buildings in the 300 block Glendale Boulevard that were being emptied of tenants and renovated in preparation for new businesses. Now, Eater L.A. reports that one of the new tenants will be Clark Street Bread, a wholesale bakery founded by a former musician.

Clark Street Bread operates a stand at the Grand Central Market Downtown but otherwise sells most of its goods wholesale through other retailers and restaurants. The 3,000-square-foot space at Echo Park Village will provide enough room for bread-making equipment as well as a retail area with seating and an espresso machine, according to Eater. That’s a big move for owner Zack Hall, a former guitarist who started the bakery in the kitchen of his West Hollywood apartment.

In an interview with Life & Thyme, Hall explains his transition from musician to baker:

“Music wasn’t paying the bills, and I was in this band for so long that it didn’t work out and I lost the fire for it. I had an equal love of food the whole time—I had just never worked in food. After leaving the band, I tried doing real estate for like a year because if you can make money, it’s easy to make money. I just couldn’t deal with working with people in that sort of capacity. It wasn’t for me. I like to make music, I like to make food, I like to make something that you can see and you work with your hands. It’s like a craft.”