A Fixer for Kristin and Jack - Congrats

Jack and Kristin in front of their Burbank fixer

Jack and Kristin in front of their Burbank fixer

A huge congratulations to our clients Kristin and Jack Stein on their first home purchase!
It was a long journey filled with ups and downs, but they came out victorious. Granted, this
2/1 PLUS 1/1 back cottage will need some work, but we're already in the process of planning and starting remodel work. First projects are landscaping, kitchen, bathroom along with refinishing the hardwood floors and painting. There's also a new HVAC system being installed. Back cottage remodel will come later. That's another budget for another time. 

The good news? Their house is in a neighborhood of higher comps reaching
into the low millions. Once completed, they'll have a great value. They paid $690,000.

"... we couldn’t ask for better agents and partners to work with." - Jack Stein

Thanks, guys. We're grateful and honored to help you two on this next step of life.