Obscura Day

Guided tour of Randyland in Echo Park


Known as Randyland, Phantasma Gloria is an art installation located at the home of artist Randy Lawrence in Echo Park. Towering above the 1600 block of Lemoyne Street is this 24 foot tall, 50 foot wide glass sculpture taking shape of Madonna, or "The Giant Glass Virgin of Guadalupe." Neighbors know this sculpture well, after all Randy started the installation in 2001.

It’s made from over 1,000 bottles and strung together with beads, rebar and wire. The swirls of colored glass refract light from the sun, as well as distort and twist the landscape beyond as you look through the water-filled vessels. It's an intriguing and brilliant display!

Get a close-up look at this Echo Park gem on May 30 during Obscura Day (a world-wide event celebrating the "world's most curious and awe-inspiring places). Tickets are $10 and presale only, click here to get added to the waitlist.