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Urban Hillsides Real Estate: Community and Lifestyle

Often these days our first interactions with new people are not in person - it’s typically through email or a phone call. With this in mind, our video is our way of revealing a little more about who we are and our approach to real estate.

Documenting the philosophy came easy compared to the fear of being in front the camera reciting it. I practiced and told myself to relax, to act natural, but my mind and body did not listen. It was challenging and I was nervous. Thankfully we had a creative team of people who coached me through the process and had excellent editing skills.

I was clearly outside of my comfort zone. I challenged myself to get in front of the camera, and to push my business to new levels this year. I have built a great team to help me grow and deliver the same quality of service as I always strive to deliver. Kelly is a social activist who has dedicated her free time to neighborhood issues through both grassroots organizing and city government. Joe has extensive experience in local media and marketing, and continues to support this vibrant, creative community. Together we have an intimate knowledge of what it’s like to live in, grow and connect to the communities of Northeast Los Angeles.

For those of you who have personally never met me, we hope this gives you an idea of who we are so that when we do finally meet - whether it be by email or a phone call - you know who we are.

Helping clients achieve their goals is what we do, and I hope you can help us achieve ours! Please share this video with your social network and let people know that you recommend our services.

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