$785,000 - SOLD

3 Bed · 3 Bath · 1,892 SQ. FT.

1090 Oban Dr.
Mt. Washington, CA 90065

Mount Washington Real Estate


A holiday home purchase is a time when unique opportunities can exist in the market. It's also a time when buyers can have less competition. 

1090 Oban is a prime example - 3 bed/2 bath house with a bonus soundproof music room(Colin's a drummer), spectacular panoramic views from the backyard, AND in the right school district for future plans. Colin and Katie did their homework and knew what they wanted. 1090 Oban's features aligned nicely for them. Three days before Christmas we went under contract.

As is typical for us, we helped design a few changes that would make the home more livable. Urban Hillsides' resources made it all happen in time for a great start to the New Year.   

What's important to you in your future home? Once understood, coupled with market and neighborhood ups and downs, Urban Hillsides will identify the best opportunities.    

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