$965,000 - SOLD

DUPLEX · 1,540 SQ. FT.

2047 Lake Shore Ave.
Echo Park, CA 90039

Echo Park Duplex Real Estate

Rent+Buy Transition

Stuart & Gretchen moved into one of our short-term rental units with the intention of buying a home in the area. We started looking for a place the first week. We wrote offers right away and our team started calling to see if any sellers were on the fence about selling and would consider moving as we had well-qualified buyers. It took a total of two months from start to close of escrow and they moved into their new home.

Because they were working with us and staying in a Urban Hillsides' unit we were very flexible about them giving notice to move. We can offer incentives for a client needing a place to stay while they put their house on the market or if they are coming into town to purchase a new home.

Do you know anyone we can help with temporary housing as they look for a permanent home? It's a win-win situation for all. They also get experienced and dedicated agents that work hard to help them find a great home.

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